Root of Happiness

Beverage & Retail

The Project

Building a brand, retail locations, and cornering the online marketplace.

Root of Happiness is a company specializing in Kava — a traditional Polynesian tea-like beverage with a 2,000 year old history. We worked with the company to rebrand and redesign from top to bottom their entire business which includes multiple retail/bar locations, packaging for a diverse product line, a robust ecommerce website, and lots of advertising projects — video, photography, social media, event design.

The primary objective for their brand was to educate and introduce to the public a beverage and herbal ingredient that most people have no experience with — it was a challenge we liken to branding the entirety of something like caffeine — except in this case Kava has a mild relaxing effect exactly opposite from caffeine. Keeping in mind the rich polynesian tradition and the target audience (millennials) we cultivated a brand to fit those vibes — “hip island relaxation”.

The Checklist

  • Unified Brand & Experience
  • Identity System & Logo Design
  • Ecommerce Web UI/UX Design & Development
  • Content Strategy & Messaging
  • Product & Lifestyle Photography
  • Videography
  • Custom Visual Content — Photo, Video, Graphicsy
  • Product & Packaging Design
  • Branded Collateral Materials
  • Continued Support & Design
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kava branding logo design food beverage packaging supplement kava branding logo design food beverage packaging supplement kava branding design sacramento illustration

The brand uses bold and vibrant photography & type as well as a subdued nature inspired color palette to strike a balance between the two worlds — a bar atmosphere and a deeply traditional polynesian beverage. The new logo and logotype are utilized throughout the brand and contain elements of the kava experience. The brand feels modern, but also contains hints of a rustic feel with the imperfect lines and forms.

graphic design davis sacramento logo supplement packaging design food branding logo kava branding logo design beverage packaging

Root of Happiness is an industry leader and is known for their sustainable and extremely high quality product. The diverse product line and design elements that stem from the brand include everything from menu design to supplement packaging. The design of the packaging is bold, tropical inspired, commands attention on a retail shelf, and is a vastly different choice than the typical kava product brand on the market.

photography davis kava logo

Photography & videography is a huge part of this brand — they say an image is worth a thousand words and high quality images of their products and locations is key to showcasing who they are and what they do.

ipad design ios food beverage website responsive kava ipad design

We have helped Root of Happiness dominate the online sales landscape of their niche. From website design, wholesale capabilities, and an overall detail oriented harnessing of the digital realm, we have worked tirelessly to boost sales and brand awareness. From high quality content, easy to navigate shopping, and educating the customer on their brand, the overall experience of the site has been honed for specific reasons — to get results.

davis poster design illustrator hand branding logo design food packaging apparel illustration sacramento design davis event music

A large part of Root of Happiness is creating a fun atmosphere in their bars. This includes making posters for sale and for event promotion, along with retail apparel items, print advertisements and photography. This is where Root of Happiness can showcase their personality and we get to work on some really unique designs.

kava food beverage kava branding and logo design

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