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Bring Your Story To Life

Spark Action With Fresh Content

If the goal is to help spark change and action, there is nothing more powerful than spreading your message with visual references.

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Photography & Videography

A picture is worth a thousand words but videos, according to the latest statistics, are worth 1200x that.

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Infographics & Illustrations

Creatively designed infographics showcase your impact, raise awareness, and can attract unprecedented support.

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Content Marketing & Campaign Assets

Nonprofits benefit the most from visual imagery — it can trigger emotions, change attitudes, and boost fundraising.

Spread Your Message

Traditional handheld and printed items are still very much utilized by nonprofits and appreciated by the recipients. We help nonprofits expand their reach by creating educational materials and resources, fun and creative promotional items, direct mailers, and more.

  • Postcards, Mailers, Thank You Cards
  • Invitations & Events
  • Brochures & Booklets
  • Shirts, Giveaways, Promotional Items
  • Annual Reports
  • Signage, Murals, Banners
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Did you Know

Videos rank #1 as BOTH the type of content that people want to see from a brand they support and the content that was most memorable.
Videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined
Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%
By 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic
YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year
Infographics have one of the longest lifespans and highest share rate on social media.
Learn More About Nonprofit Social Media ROI >
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The Future Is Visual

Visual content can be utilized across all your channels. Traditional awareness campaigns, social media, and your website will greatly benefit from visually showcasing your story and your impact. Plus visuals make your message dramatically more likely to be shared by others.

  • Make your viewer and potential contributor the hero, and give all the credit to the supporters, not the organization itself.
  • Use your video as an emotional appeal and call-to-action by pairing it with an online fundraiser.
  • Leave the door open for others to get involved at their own level, and show that there is more to be done.
  • Video is all about human connection, make sure you are relatable, and have passion and humility.

Look Your Best

Brand Building

We create brands for nonprofits that help to inspire a loyal, educated, and passionate audience. We have the experience and creativity to concept and launch your brand, refresh your current brand, or create collateral to elevate your existing brand.

  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Photography & Video
  • Web & Social Media Content
  • Color & Typography
  • Taglines & Mission Statements
  • Style Guides & Asset Packages

Why Nonprofits Need A Strong Brand

Nonprofits need great branding to appeal to their audience, stick within their minds, and to visually align themselves with a cause. Great branding helps to:

  • Build your reputation: Showcase your success and impact by putting your brand’s stamp on your success.
  • Differentiate yourself: Inspire loyalty and a committed audience that knows your signature, and how you make the biggest difference.
  • Be Relatable: Your brand should embody the values that your organization lives by. Your audience will connect even more when your style matches your values.
  • Spread awareness: Enable your organization to be more visible and more likely to be shared online
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Start with an Engaging Website

Web Design & Development

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Engage New & Existing Donors

Let your visitors experience your organization in a new way. Websites allow people to interact and better understand your mission.

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Donation Optimized

We help improve the process of collection donations by integrating your site with top online services that fit your model.

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Grow Your Advocate Network

Understand and catalog your visitor’s information to create a database of people interested in your cause.

Connect Your Site With Top Donor Management Systems

A CRM gives better management and insight of constitutes. We enjoy integrating with these forward thinking platforms:

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kindful crm logo Kindful
virtuous crm logo Virtuous
tenth aniversary non profit design

yolo arts graphic design sacramento
yolo arts branding
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yolo arts mobile design nonprofit
We created a website that is fast, makes donations & membership easy, but best of all it is optimized to work for the people and community it serves.
Yolo Arts. yolo County, California

Give Back Better

Utilize The Latest Fundraising Technology

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Our top fundraising and event management tools: Classy, Eventbrite

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Using the power of your community to raise funds for your cause or campaign.

Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations

Websites can tell your story in a visual and emotional way that can win over potential donors and sway one time donors into committing monthly.

Event Management

Event Management

Simplify your planning, grow your event, and manage your ticket sales for fundraisers and events.

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