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Scribe is one of Sacramento’s top web design firms. We pride ourselves on being both experienced and professional, but also down to earth and easy to work with. Our job is to make a website that works for you and your company. We do not believe that one size fits all, we do not reuse templates. Custom is not buzzword for us.

We make solutions that are creative, cutting edge, and fast and efficient to maintain and manage. We have been providing web, digital and graphic design services to the Sacramento area since since 2012.

Scribe has you covered in the digital and creative realm.

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Scribe’s Sacramento website design team, or as we like to call them, our digital team, specializes in creating impactful, functional, and efficient websites. We have created websites for a wide range of businesses, who all have specialized needs for their site.

Sacramento Website Design Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Scribe for your Sacramento based website development project?

We are in a great position to provide you with a wide range of services. We don’t make you choose between having a cheap website that underperforms and looks like everything else out there, or forcing you to pay top dollar for functionality or maintenance that you don’t need. We learn about your business, educate you on our process of web design, and openly discuss what level of functionality and customization you need — no more, no less.

Do you provide free instant quotes?

We provide fast and professional free website consultations with you at our office, or feel free to call us or utilize our ‘plan a project’ form to discuss your project with us in detail. Because each website development project is so different, we provide a custom quote for each job. We do not provide cookie cutter solutions or bids. And honestly, we would find it suspicious if someone could tell you how much a website costs without getting to know your business and your needs for a website. For us, the more we know about what you need on the site and the less guesswork we have to consider, the more lean the bid — and that efficiency is good for everyone. Come see for yourself that we are not one of the shady companies around here :)

How much do websites cost in Sacramento?

Well the short answer is probably between $500 and $1,000,000+. Sorry, that wasn’t very helpful, but let us educate you on what dictates the cost of a website! Keep reading…

3 Factors That Determine Cost:

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How much do GOOD websites cost in Sacramento?

I hate to say it depends, but it depends. There are really main three factors that determine the cost of a website: Scale, Functionality, and Design.

Scale is based on both the number of pages of your site, and how much content you have. This includes written content, photography, and video. The more content you have, the more time it takes to design and develop the website to house the content.

The functionality of a site includes all of the inner workings of what your website does, not just what it says. Functionality includes many many things, here we have listed some of the most commonly needed functions:

Design is the third factor that determines cost, and unfortunately, the most overlooked component, but the one that often means the most to the customers who visit your site. Businesses that have cohesive and well done logos, branding, and branding assets (photography, graphic elements, standardized style, colors, fonts etc) are the easiest and fastest to translate into a beautiful website. That lowers cost. Businesses that have no set brand, and maybe just have a logo and a color, require more upfront design work in order to translate into an on-brand website.

As designers (both graphic and web) we feel obligated to uphold your businesses brand and to create something that not only functions well, but looks great too. And trust us, the fastest way to waste money is to have a great functioning website, that has bad photography and no brand.

Our websites and website redesigns typically range from $7,000 - $10,000 for a small to medium sized middle of the road level of functionality, to $40,000 for expansive, robust, large scale sites. The costs are primarily dependant on just the three factors mentioned above. While it is entirely possible to get websites designed for under $5,000, these types of sites are typically static, informational sites built on pre-made themes, nothing inherently wrong with these types of sites, it is just not what our business focuses on. We often make recommendations to some of our clients with small scale sites or small budgets to create their own websites on a site like Squarespace, and we will often consult with them on how to do best accomplish this.

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