Food & Beverage

The Project

Rebranding, product development, packaging & e-commerce site for an established high end honey company.

PURE is an incredible brand and product that produces honey and honey related products. We were called upon to create a new logo, identity system, and packaging designs for their product line. If you are a Sacramento area local, check out the product for yourself at any Nugget Market!

The overall feeling of the brand is high end, detailed, and whimsical. The illustration heavy brand is anchored by a bright range of colors and modular cohesive layouts.

The Checklist

  • Unified Brand & Identity System
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Visual Content — Photo, Graphics
  • Packaging Design
  • Continued Support & Design
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Working with food products presents its own range of challenges — including choosing appropriate paper choices for items that may get wet, fitting labels to odd sized packages, and ensuring that the products themselves stand out on a grocery store shelf. Overall we are so happy with the result and absolutely in love with the products themselves. So fun!

The E-Commerce website we developed for PURE feels fresh, simple, and have a graceful, airy feel when browsing pages. We wanted the jars of honey to stand out, and for the whole site to be understated but elegant. The shopping experience is easy to use, and the site contains a wealth of information without feeling dense.

PURE does more than sell their honey — they raise all of their own bees and provide pollination services to farmers across California. From honey extraction, to making new queen bees for their hives, PURE's family owned and operated business takes great care in the making of their fine honey. Documenting the honey making process was fun and extremely interesting — but our photographer would only take the images if he was fully suited up head to toe!

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