Buckhorn Grill

Restaurant & Bar

The Project

Stay tuned for a full rollout of the new refreshed brand — coming Fall 2017.

Buckhorn Grill (and Buckhorn BBQ) are the newest restaurants from the Buckhorn brand which includes 11 Buckhorn Grill/BBQ locations and their flagship Buckhorn Steakhouse. Buckhorn BBQ is a fast-casual restaurant that serves barbecue, fresh salads, and also has a full bar. We have worked with Buckhorn for many many years and created the logo, signage, menus, photography, videography, menus, apparel etc for their new locations. Overall we wanted the brand to feel authentic, rustic Californian, approachable, family friendly, and of course to showcase the food above all.

The Checklist

  • Unified Brand & Experience
  • Identity System & Logo Design
  • Restaurant & Menu Design
  • Ecommerce Web UI/UX Design & Development
  • Content Strategy & Messaging
  • Food Photography & Videography
  • Custom Visual Content — Photo, Video, Graphics
  • Product & Packaging Design
  • Continued Support & Design
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Photography is critically important to a restaurant’s web and social media presence. High quality images and video sell food. It’s a fact! The amount of social media hits a video gains over an image is extraordinary — it’s a powerful tool that if done right can generate some serious traffic and certainly pay for itself.

Can a customer easily find your hours and menu specific to me on your restaurant’s mobile website? 80% + of website traffic on restaurant’s sites typically come from a phone so ensuring that your tablet and mobile sites are equally impressive is more than mandatory. For Buckhorn, it was necessary to sell the brand and reinforce quality — which we achieved through high quality photographic content and a seamless easy to navigate website.

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Restaurant's utilize various avenues of marketing and unique opportunities to spread brand awareness. For Buckhorn, we worked on a delivery van, marketing cards that can be handed out to patrons, and a multitude of branded interior installations and building signage.

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Retail sales should not be overlooked for restaurants either. Selling shirts or food products is an easy way to get your name out there and reinforce brand loyalty. We created a line of bbq sauce packaging for Buckhorn that will be sold in their new locations.

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