What’s in a name? Why Scribe?

We are Scribe. But what does that mean?

We are Scribe. But what does that mean?

As you might know, we rebranded our company in 2017. Our previous name was Transmute, a name which served us well for many years but it was time for a rebrand and we chose to go another direction for our name as well. Being well versed in SEO and marketing, we had some issues with our previous name being over-used and difficult for people to spell and pronounce. We were also unable to secure a coveted ‘dot.com’ domain name which caused issues as people would accidently email us using ‘info@transmute.com’ instead of ‘.co’.

And truth be told we wanted a change as our business grew and expanded to include a wider range of services and team members. Enter: Scribe.

Our new name is actually similar to our old name as they are both connected ancient creative professions. Transmute was the action of alchemists turning lesser metals into gold. And a scribe is a historic term for a person that would keep written records (during a time when very very few people were literate). For us, we chose the name because it fit our culture of crafting a visual/written record for the companies that we work for. **We transcribe your business into visual and digital form.** We like to think of ourselves as visual scribes as we place our duty to the brands we work for in high regards, and a scribe in historic times was an extremely well respected profession. Back then, scribes could read and write — which was exceedingly rare and very critical to society. Today, we, as Scribe, translate your company into the visual realm through websites, logos, branding, packaging, and more.

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