Oak park design agency in oak park sacramento

Welcome to the Scribe Neighborhood

Oak Park Triangle District

Oak park design agency in oak park sacramento

We are some of the newer business transplants to the revitalized triangle of Oak Park in Sacramento — but we are far from unfamiliar to the district!

How we landed here.

One of Scribe’s founders moved to Oak Park around 10 years ago when he was first starting out as a freelance web designer. He lived in a funky apartment above a barber shop for several years and eventually moved away but still always loved the area.

After years of leasing various office spaces around midtown Scribe’s resident real estate junkie (Alli) saw an awesome building in Oak Park pop up and they immediately crammed in the car to drive by and check it out. Needless to say we fell in love, and bought the property, are are currently working happily ever after.

What we love.

UMMMM…. A lot! We have awesome creative neighbors, a bustling shopping, restaurant, and art filled section of Broadway, and super tasty coffee within a minute of our front door (Old Soul at 40 acres and Naked Coffee Roasting). If you were wondering how we work full force every second of our workday you now have the answer. To be fair, there is just one thing we cannot stand about Oak Park that we didn’t realize before we moved — almost all the restaurants are closed on Monday’s :’(

What it’s like working here.

We have bountiful free *unlimited* parking. Need to know anything else? But really, parking in midtown was hard for us, our employees, and our clients so moving here is really nice. We probably have 2 more years left before Oak Park becomes another mini-midtown so let’s enjoy it while we can!

A typical day for us begins with picking up some beans from Naked or maybe a cappuccino (sorry everyone, we are not latte people, we are capp people). As designers we are thoroughly addicted to caffeine and we would be lying to you if we said it is not a daily habit. Fast forward to lunch and if we didn’t bring our own food we walk a block or two and can pretty much have our pick of a range of options. Our favorites include La Venadita (TACOS), an old school bbq joint, a healthy wrap & acai bowl place, sandwiches from Old Soul, and a little further but totally worth the walk dim sum house. Working steps away from great local food that is affordable is a huge perk of our location. Our team loves the flexibility of being able to step out for a few minutes and have access to anything they could want.

Good food and coffee is an integral part of our moral here, and luckily our new building has just the remedy!

Here to stay.

Check out more about Oak Park in the latest issue of Sactown magazine. Oak Park just had a big write up in the April /May 2017 issue as a Hot New Hood!

Look at our pretty building! We have a big conference room up front, a downstairs office and back patio, and upstairs our main work room, break room, and kitchen.