Website + Restaurant + Coffee

Rise and Grind

Website + Restaurant + Coffee

Website + Restaurant + Coffee

The Project

Website & branding for a bakery and coffee roasting house.

This concept was so fun to work with — high end bakery and coffee shop with a relaxed Portland vibe. The colors are natural (burlap, browns, and golds) and the the logo is unpretentious, simple, and has a slight vintage vibe to play up the quality of craftsmanship that the concept maintains. The imagery is bold but also feels natural and not overly refined.

The Checklist

  • Unified Brand & Experience
  • Identity System & Logo Design
  • Restaurant & Menu Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Product & Packaging Design
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Coffee and tea shop concept cup art design iphone app design for a coffee shop concept coffee shop design graphics modern design of a coffee shop for a concept project by scribe laptop mockups of a coffee shop website design tablet app design of a coffee shop concept

We really wanted to make sure that the site was easy to navigate and not too dense as it includes a bakery menu, coffee and tea menu, the restaurant menu, and their packaged coffees. The website is fluid, simple, bright, and showcases the bakery and coffee with images and branded graphics.

coffee shop window decal concept art cofee shop crew makng a cup of coffee