Vapejugs Project

Branding & e-commerce development.

Ground up branding, content creation & e-commerce development.

We had the pleasure of working with the awesome people behind VapeJugs when they were first launching this brand. VapeJugs creates e-liquid for vaporizers in bulk sizing. Their flavorful and unique juice is crafted from high quality ingredients — exclusively from California. We worked with VapeJugs to craft their brand from the ground up. We wanted to create a bold, bright, and memorable design that would set their brand apart. The e-commerce website had to be equally bold, be able to easily run sales and specials, showcase the product, and educate consumers.

This brand had to stand out from thousands of competitors. We accomplished this by going super high contrast and utilizing bold icons and colors, and huge typography. This visually announces the flavor forward mantra of the brand and makes the set of flavors something that customers covet and want to collect more and more of. Check out their Instagram account, they have 10,000+ loyal followers that truly love the brand and show it through creative photos.

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